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15 Reasons to Try Botox in 2015


It’s the beginning of a new year and once again, millions of Americans are heading to the gym to achieve their primary resolution of losing weight. While achieving a leaner, fitter body is an admirable goal, it takes a considerable amount of time. This year, invest in botox, an easy procedure that will have you looking fabulous immediately, in more ways than one.

15 Reasons to Try Botox in 2015

1. Quick procedure.

One of the greatest things about botox is that it takes minimal time to administer. Botox is often referred to as the “lunchtime” cosmetic procedure because it is so quick that you can get it done on your lunch break and return to work looking like a better version of yourself. New year, new you.

2. Effective results.

The results from topical ointments, whether prescribed or from your local pharmacy, can often be disappointing due to weak results. Furthermore, it can take several applications before you see any results at all. With botox, impressive results can be seen within just two days and will last up to six months.

3. Wake up.

Are you sick of people asking you if you’re tired? As you age, the naturally forming wrinkles on your face can cause your mouth to drop and forehead to crinkle, features that others may perceive as anger or sadness. When you start using botox, your expression will look more refreshed. No coffee necessary.

4. Recovery is simple.

In general, the only recovery instructions are to massage the site of injection and to avoid lying down for an hour. Piece of cake.

5. It’s safe.

Not only is botox simple, it is also regarded as a very safe procedure. In fact, botox has been safely used for over 30 years. As a result, injectables have surged in popularity. According to the JAMA Dermatology, minor side effects occur in less than one percent of patients.

6. It’s affordable.

While the average cost of a facelift is $6,500, botox is significantly less expensive. If you’re not ready to invest in a facelift but would still like impressive results, botox is a no-brainer.

7. Prevent future wrinkles.

More and more patients in their 20s are turning to botox to proactively prevent wrinkles from forming. By preventing future wrinkles, you will have smoother, younger looking skin as you age.

8. New year, new you.

Everything in moderation, ladies and gentlemen. A conservative amount of injections is enough to give your face a fresh, natural looking lift without transforming into the joker. You’ll still look like you, just...better.

9. Say goodbye to migraines.

For those of you with chronic migraines, injectables can surprisingly diminish your pain in the long run. The FDA reported that botox can relieve even the worse of migraines if injected every three months.

10. Sweat less.

Tired of toweling off every five minutes? Don’t let unrestrained sweat get in the way of your social life this year. Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, can be prevented with botox.

11. Improves your mood.

One of the most beneficial aspects of botox is that it is a serious spirit booster. Shortly after a botox session, you will love the way you look. When you look good, you feel good.

12. Helps fight allergies.

Great news for all you sneezers. When botox is injected into the nasal cavity, it can block nerve endings in the nasal passage and reduce inflammation. As a result, botox is able to fight off one’s allergic reaction to the pollen of most plants.

13. Combats cross-eyes.

One of the little known benefits of botox is that it can be used to relax eye muscles, easing crossed eyes as well as eye spasms.

14. Fades acne scars.

A great reason to get botox is that it helps diminish the appearance of scars. By using botox along with other injectables, doctors are able to prevent pock marks from growing.

15. Life-changing pain relief.

We know that botox can relieve chronic migraines, but it can do so much more. Sufferers of a variety of joint disorders have found great relief from getting botox injections.







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